Nationwide Coverage, Neighborhood Level Detail

Each year, about $15 billion in annualized subscriber revenue is up for grabs due to customer switching in the broadband market, whether that’s due to movers or competitive switchers, from overbuilders or fiber upgrades. We help major Internet service providers compete and win in the constantly changing broadband market.

Our broadband platform ingests over 2 billion data points daily to generate accurate, near real-time insights into changes in installed base, win/loss share, consumer behavior, and win/loss composition. We pair that data with promotional pricing and market expertise to help our clients optimize their go-to-market plans and tactics and inform network investment decisions. Available directly in our online portal, or delivered as insights from our dedicated client teams we provide clients up-to-the-minute information to make sharper marketing decisions.

  • Market share and flowshare performance for over 600 internet providers
  • Daily updates
  • Nationwide coverage, Neighborhood level detail
  • Mover/Non-mover segment performance
  • Rich data on provider service territories & network technology
  • Wireless/Broadband market share overlap
  • 3+ years of history for longitudinal analysis
  • Curated promotional pricing database
  • Online portal access for 24/7 self service
  • Dedicated client teams help you apply the data for maximum impact