Smartphones make the world go round

Relied on by the biggest names in smartphone technology.

The world of competitive smartphone movements is complicated, multifaceted, and critical to understand for c-level and operational decision-making. Our Device platform solution illuminates competitive switching and upgrading at a highly granular level – providing sales, marketing, and analytics teams with the ability to contextualize the data they see and slice this by carrier, ecosystem, OEM, and device model.

Trend analysis over time enriches this dataset to provide insight into loyalty rates, upgrade composition, and upgrade velocity by plan type, device type, or device generation across the ecosystem.

  • Slice customer behavior by carrier partner, ecosystem, device OEM, and device model
  • Detailed:
    • Share Metrics (OEM share of upgraders, OEM win/loss share of switchers)
    • Composition Metrics (win/loss composition from competitor OEMs)
    • Retention & Churn (OEM loyalty rate, defection rate, upgrade velocity)
  • Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly views with multi-year history
  • Premium/Non-Premium device tiers
  • Curated promotional pricing database
  • Online portal access for 24/7 self service
  • Dedicated client teams help you apply the data for maximum impact