Bundled Insights

Telecom lines are blurring: Understand the interactions between all services

We are trusted by the largest names in Telecom to help them understand, interpret, and take action across wireless, wireline, and broadband services. Our data generates opportunities to steal share, create new bundles for customers, efficiently improve network performance and minimize churn.

Comlinkdata demonstrates how bundles are performing – measuring substitution and technology migration dynamics – at a household level. This data, combined with B2B, shows service overlaps and enables easy identification of places where multiple services are delivered and by which providers. Additionally, our products enable side-by-side views of penetration, market share, and flowshare across wireless and wireline.

In a changing connectivity world with 5G expanded fiber to the home and more, effectively bundling services, maintaining a hight-performance network and understanding the competitive market will become even more critical. As the competitive landscape changes, having the most up-to-date information on where and how bundles are performing will be required to win.

Our products reveal:

  • Competitive product bundle penetration
  • Wireless/Wireline service penetration by household
  • Most common service combination & typical add-on products
  • Insights into opportunities to efficiently invest in network enhancements
  • Relationships between bundles and churn (safe vs. at risk accounts)